Postboxed's New Gift Boxes

Dec 07, 2015Markus Polleichtner

We have put together some of our most popular items into gift boxes for you. All items are gift-wrapped and sent together through letterboxes with our customisable gift-cards. 

These combinations offer savings on both time and money, as the items are grouped together with each theme in mind and cost less than the items' combined individual prices.

Choosing from the Travellers', Wine Lover's, Coffee Lover's and First Christmas boxes amongst many more, you can find our full selection here

Designer Baby Gift Box by Postboxed Coffee Lover Gift Box by Postboxed Furushiki strap and scarf gift box by postboxed Toddler Christmas Gift Box by Postboxed Panda New Baby Christmas Gift box by postboxed Vichy designer bib baby gift box by postboxed Polar bear baby christmas gift box by postboxed silk tie and pocket square gift box by postboxed Wine Lovers gift box by postboxed

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