All in a Matchbox?

Oct 29, 2019Markus Polleichtner

Introducing Marvling Bros' new seasonal matchbox gifts!

With the holidays fast approaching our favourite matchbox gift maker has come up with some fantastic seasonal gifts that all fit inside a standard matchbox. 

Matchstick Puzzles Matchbox Set: This stunning set of six Christmas matchsticks puzzles are perfect for festive celebrations, as table favours or cracker fillers. Each box contains a seasonal matchstick puzzle and a Christmas party hat. With fun brainteasers, including balancing Scrooge’s scales and guiding the three wise men, these small gifts are guaranteed to entertain and amuse. There is also the obligatory Christmas joke on the back of each box! As well as brightening up the festive table, these gorgeous little boxes are environmentally friendlier than traditional cracker gifts - with no plastic parts!

Christmas Music in a MatchboxFor the perfect festive stocking filler, this magical gift transforms a matchbox into a fully functioning music box. This unique matchbox kit contains a miniature music box movement that plays the popular yuletide song ‘We wish you a merry christmas’. On the back of the matchbox are the traditional lyrics to get the sing-a-long started.

White Christmas in a Matchbox: This box is the perfect gift for the young and the young at heart. It contains instant snow that expands to 100x its original size – enough to make a snow scene, decorate your Christmas tree or even have a snowball fight. The box also contains a very special snowflake viewer to enable you to see the night sky through Santa’s eyes. Simply look at your Christmas tree lights, or any point of light and you will see magical snowflakes.

Marvling Bros also make matchbox gifts for a number of other celebrations. Take a look at their full selection here!


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