How to wrap gifts without wrapping paper

Feb 24, 2023Liza Mirelman

There are several ways to wrap gifts without using wrapping paper, including:

  1. Fabric gift wrap: Use a colorful piece of fabric to wrap the gift, and tie the ends with a ribbon or a cord. The fabric can be reused for other gift-wrapping occasions.

  2. Brown paper bags: Reuse brown paper bags from the grocery store to wrap your gift. You can decorate the bag with stamps, paint, or markers.

  3. Newspaper: Use old newspapers to wrap your gift. It is a great way to recycle, and the black and white print can create a classic and vintage look.

  4. Gift bags: Instead of wrapping the gift, put it in a decorative gift bag. This is a quick and easy way to present a gift without wrapping paper.

  5. Gift boxes: Use a sturdy gift box and decorate it with stickers, ribbons, or other embellishments.

  6. Mason jars: For small items, put them in a mason jar and decorate the jar with ribbon or twine.

  7. Reusable shopping bags: Use a reusable shopping bag made of cloth or other eco-friendly materials. It's a great way to be environmentally conscious and also doubles as an additional gift.

  8. Scarves: Use a colourful scarf to wrap the gift and tie the ends with a ribbon or twine. This is a great option for smaller gifts.

  9. Tins: Use decorative tins or cookie tins to wrap the gift. You can add some tissue paper inside for extra padding and decoration.

  10. Maps: Use old maps or atlas pages to wrap the gift. This is a great option for travel-related gifts.

  11. Cellophane: Use cellophane wrap to wrap the gift and tie the ends with a ribbon or twine. You can also add some tissue paper inside for decoration.

  12. Wooden boxes: Use a wooden box or crate to wrap the gift. You can decorate it with paint, stickers, or other embellishments.

  13. Recyclable wrapping paper: If you want to use wrapping paper but still be environmentally conscious, look for wrapping paper made from recyclable materials or that can be recycled after use.

These are just a few ideas for wrapping gifts without wrapping paper. Get creative and have fun!

Postboxed sends all gifts wrapped in Lotka paper, handmade from recycled materials. We will definitely be looking at using some of these alternatives in the future!

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