Introducing YES STUDIO

Apr 13, 2019Liza Mirelman
Designed in the UK, Yes Studio's range of small, letterbox friendly gifts use bold, modern colours to making gifting fun and exciting! Postboxed is excited to stock Yes Studio's range of salon-quality Memphis accessories, now available all together in one gift box!


Surprise someone with our salon-quality accessories from London's Yes Studio! Each gift box contains the following items, all wrapped individually and placed in one fantastic letterbox friendly box:

Salon Buffer Set: Project a perfect polish with the Memphis Nail Salon Buffer Set. The double-sided Nail Buffer has a 'how to' guide printed on it to help you achieve a high sheen, and the accompanying Cuticle Pusher lets you tidy up all the edges.

Salon Scissors: Trim your talons with these stylish Memphis Nail Salon Scissors. Individually boxed with a printed 'Stay Sharp' message, the scissors feature gold blades, the brand's Memphis print in a green and pink colour all the way on to the handles, and a soft-touch finish.

Salon Tweezers: Neaten up with Yes Studio's Memphis Nail Salon Tweezers. Featuring angled ends in gold and the Memphis print in a red and pink colour, they have a soft-touch finish and are perfect for precision plucking.

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