Summer Crafting

Jul 20, 2016Liza Mirelman

This summer, Postboxed is featuring our crafters favourite gifts. Moonlighting as tea towels, these DIY soft toys feature some of the World's most endangered animals. The biggest decision that the lucky gift recipeint will have to be made is to cut or to keep. A great small gift for any Craft enthusiast!

Milo Tea Towel Craft Kits

Not only are they great gifts, their makers Mibo for Coq en Pâte are committed to raising awareness about the environmental challenges we face today and their line of gifts reflects this. When you purchase any of Mibo’s products, you will supporting the largest conservation organisation in the world!  Collaborating with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Mibo donates part of its profits to the Save Our Species (SOS) initiative, helping to protect threatened species from extinction (

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