Summer's Hottest New Gift Boxes

Jul 25, 2017Liza Mirelman

With the Introduction of our Gift Box on the Month we thought we would update you on Postboxed's newest discounted letterbox-friendly gift boxes. All items are individually wrapped and placed in one of small boxes before being delivered directly through the letterbox on a day of your choice. If you have any suggestions on themes for future boxes just get in touch using our Contact Us form. 

Gift Box of the Month (July) - Containing Sloane Stationery's handmade Busy Busy Pocket Notebook, Marvling Bro's Monster Hug in a Matchbox and Pump Street Baker's Ecuador 75% Chocolate. £26, FREE DELIVERY

Gift Box of the Month (July)

Bucket List Gift BoxTo help someone to fulfil their life long dreams we have put together a Bucket list Gift Box containing some essentials. Perfect for Gap Years, Retirements and Graduations; each box contains Sloane Stationery's handmade Bucket List Pocket Notebook and Gentlemen's Hardware Mini Multi Tool with Torch combining an array of 5 handy tools in one keyring. £25.45, FREE DELIVERY

Bucket List Gift Box

Brexit Gift Box: Whether in or out, Brexit is a hot topic for everyone in 2017 and this handy Brexit survival gift box will put a smile on any lucky recipient's face. Each discounted box contains Gentlemen's Hardware Mini Multi Tool with Torch, Five On Brexit Island by Enid Bylton and Pump Street Bakery's Honduras Bread & Butter Chocolate.

Brexit gift box 

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