Beevive is a UK-based company that specialises in innovative beekeeping solutions. They are passionate about protecting and preserving bees, recognizing their vital role in our ecosystem. 

With their expertise in beekeeping, Beevive provides educational resources, training, and consultancy services to help beekeepers optimise their practices. They also offer a unique range of sustainable beekeeping equipment and hive monitoring devices, aiming to enhance bee colony management and promote the well-being of bees.

Beevive's commitment to sustainability extends to their products, which are made using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. Their focus on research and innovation drives them to develop new technologies and methodologies that contribute to the advancement of beekeeping practices.

Through their dedication to bee welfare and their comprehensive range of solutions, Beevive is making a significant impact on the beekeeping industry and promoting the importance of bees in our environment.


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Beevive Bee Revival Kit (Gold) Packaged
Bee Revival Kit (Gold)
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Beevive Bamboo Bee Revival Kit (Anthracite) Lifestyle
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