Bee Revival Kit (Gold)

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The Original Bee Revival Kit is a groundbreaking product designed to provide assistance to exhausted or injured bees. Developed by Beevive, a leading innovator in beekeeping solutions, this kit offers a simple and effective way to support the well-being of these remarkable creatures.

Made in the UK, each kit includes an exclusive formula of Beevive Revival Solution, which provides vital nutrients and hydration to revive tired bees (5+ uses and refillable). 

Also included is a specialised Bee Feeder, allowing the Revival Solution to be given directly to bees. The feeder is designed to be gentle and non-invasive, providing a safe and controlled environment for administering the solution.

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    Further Gift Details

    Made in the UK, Aluminum shell, Contains an ambrosia® bee food syrup to feed a bee in an emergency. 5+ uses refillable from home. Follow instructions carefully on the packaging inside alongside a ‘Welcome to the Team’ leaflet made from 100% recycled fibres.

    Perfect as a Christmas Present, Birthday Gift, a Mother's Day Present or as a gift to say Congratulations on the birth of a baby!

    At Beevive, they understand the vital role bees play in our ecosystem. They are essential pollinators, contributing to the growth and reproduction of countless plants, including those we rely on for food production. However, bees often face challenges such as exhaustion or injury, particularly during their demanding foraging activities. Suitable for both novice and experienced beekeepers, as well as nature enthusiasts who want to make a difference. With its user-friendly design and high-quality components, this kit empowers individuals to take immediate action when they encounter a bee in distress. Together, we can make a positive impact on bee conservation and the well-being of our environment.