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Activity Cards


There’s a first time for everything! Going out to a restaurant, visiting a museum, playing in your first sports game and the first time in the snow - capture and remember special activities with little ones with these award winning Milestone Activity cards. Simply fill in the date, place one of the 30 cards somewhere in view and take the perfect image. Each set even comes with a free poster so you can see and talk about the activities you plan to do. 

      • Designed in Holland, printed in Belgium
      • 30 photo cards in Milestone Gift Box
      • Size: 4.3 x 6.1 x 0.8 "/ 15.5 x 11 x 2 cm
      • 240 g FSC paper and Eco Friendly Ink
      • Letterbox Friendly, Free Gift-Wrapping and Gift Card
    • The Award winning Milestone™ is the brand behind the iconic sets of photo cards that capture and remember special moments in the lives of babies, toddlers, children and now weddings.

      With the first sets of Milestone™ Baby Cards sold in 2012, they are now available in 12 languages in 37 countries! Postboxed is delighted to sell both the original Baby and Toddler cards, as well as the fantastic Miffy edition Baby Cards and Pregnancy & Newborn cards. As with all of our gifts, the cards are sent gift-wrapped directly through your recipient's post box. The perfect present for new parents!
    • As with all of Postboxed's small gifts, this item is sent gift-wrapped in handmade paper, with a customisable gift card, on a day of your choice. Please follow this link for further information regarding postage and packaging

    Type: Photo Cards

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