Black n' Burnt Barley Chocolate

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Unlike traditional chocolate bars, Omnom’s chocolate doesn’t come in squares but rather in geometrical shards. Handmade in Iceland in small batches, Omnom offers premium single-origin chocolate, Iceland-inspired bars, seasonal flavors, and Krunch.

This bestselling black chocolate is flavoured with toasted and puffed barley and lava salt. 

Omnom’s mission is to make the best chocolate possible using the highest-quality ingredients. Each one — single-origin cocoa beans from Madagascar, Tanzania, and Nicaragua; organic sugar cane; natural Icelandic milk powder — is individually sourced with care, placing ethics, sustainability, and transparency at the heart of the process. Sustainability starts with traceability: Omnom buys ingredients by direct trade to further help assess the social, environmental, and economic impact of its purchases.

    Iceland’s unique ecosystem is rich in volcanic soil, marshes, ashes, and endemic plants that can be creatively crafted into ingredients. These Icelandic elements are a part of Omnom’s DNA. Iceland is a place where anything is possible; Omnom embraces this attitude.

    - 60g White Chocolate Bar

    - Designed and made in Iceland, in a facility that handles gluten, nuts and dairy.

    - INGREDIENTS: Whitechocolate (Cocoa butter, cane sugar, Icelandicbarley, roastedbarleymalt,barleymalt extract, sea salt, colour (activated charcoal), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)), Icelandic popped barley, glazing agent (glucose syrup, stabiliser (E414), vegetable oil (sunflower), lactic acid (E 270)), sealing agent (ethyl alcohol, shellac (E904), vegetable oil (coconut))

    - Contains a minimum of 40% cocoa solids

    - Perfect as an addition to a Christmas Present or Birthday Gift or a standalone present itself!.

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