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Coffee Gift Box

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For coffee fans we have put together this special discounted gift box containing:

Omnom Coffee and Milk Chocolate
Stuff Every Coffee Lover Should Know
Stuart Gardiner's Coffee 'tea' Towel
Rex London Cafe De Paris Notebook

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      Cafe De Paris Notebook:

      Add some retro flavour to your stationery collection with this unusual A6 lined notebook, featuring a French hot chocolate design, inspired by vintage Parisian cafés. With 60 lined pages, it is a fun accessory for adults as well as kids, ideal for to-do lists and note taking! 

      Omnom Coffee and Milk Chocolate: 

      Unlike traditional chocolate bars, Omnom’s chocolate doesn’t come in squares but rather in geometrical shards. Handmade in Iceland in small batches, Omnom offers premium single-origin chocolate, Iceland-inspired bars, seasonal flavors, and Krunch. This bestselling milk chocolate is flavoured with smooth coffee.

      Omnom’s mission is to make the best chocolate possible using the highest-quality ingredients. Each one — single-origin cocoa beans from Madagascar, Tanzania, and Nicaragua; organic sugar cane; natural Icelandic milk powder — is individually sourced with care, placing ethics, sustainability, and transparency at the heart of the process. Sustainability starts with traceability: Omnom buys ingredients by direct trade to further help assess the social, environmental, and economic impact of its purchases.

      Stuff Every Coffee Lover Should Know: 

      If you’re like most people, you start every day with a hot cup of joe. But beyond your steaming morning mug, there’s a whole world waiting to be discovered―from roast varieties to brewing methods to the traditions, ceremonies, and customs of cultures around the globe. Within the pages of this guide, coffee lovers of all levels will find useful information, helpful how-tos, and fascinating trivia about their beloved beverage, including

      • Highlights from Coffee History
      • Anatomy of the Coffee Cherry
      • Freshness in Coffee
      • Caffeine Content 101
      • Popular Espresso Drinks
      • Coffee Cocktails

      Stuart Gardiner's Coffee 'tea' Towel

      From French Press to Stove top and Ristretto to Espresso, learn how to become an expert barista at home with this informative tea towel.Cafe De Paris Notebook

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