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Whiskey Lover Gift Box

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For whiskey lovers we have put together this special gift box containing:

Stuart Gardiner A Guide to Whiskies Tea Towel
Gentlemen's Hardware Whisky Playing Cards
Arthouse Unlimited Silky Dark Chocolate

    Items are gift-wrapped and packaged in the same letterbox-friendly box with our signature customisable gift card. See below for further information.

    Stuart Gardiner A Guide to Whiskies Tea Towel: 

    From bourbons & Scotches to ryes & malts, whisky is a drink shrouded in myth & mystery. Not least the spelling: is it whisky or whiskey? Get right into the spirit with this dram-fine guide to whisky business. Detailing its production, ingredients & more, this tea towel blends all the facts required to digest one of the world’s most revered spirits. 

    Gentlemen's Hardware Whisky Playing Cards: 

    Practice a poker face or play go fish in style with these Whisky Trivia Playing Cards! Whether you win or lose, these waterproof playing cards with whisky designs make even a bad hand look good. This card deck features classic whisky trivia facts and illustrations on each playing card and a 2-piece metal tin travel case to take these waterproof deck of cards anywhere.

    Arthouse Unlimited Silky Dark Chocolate: 

    Each design for these lovely chocolate bars has been created from an original painting by an artist or artists with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities. Mysterious Marvels is another impressive group artwork in tones of blue and pinks depicting individual coral heads on a reef. The silky dark chocolate inside is a chocolate lover’s dream: rich, dark and smoothly pleasurable. 100% of revenue that Arthouse receives is used to sustain the enterprise, enabling it to expand and evolve

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