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Ecuador 85% Chocolate

Pump Street Bakery

This award winning Pump Street Bakery chocolate bar is made from Heirloom Cacao preservation accredited beans from the Samuel von Rutte Hacienda Lemon farm in Ecuador. Importing directly from the farm, Pump Street Bakery handmade this fantastic 85% cacao smooth dark chocolate bar with notes of cream, caramel, coffee and honey. 

Award winning - Academy of Chocolate 2015

    • Handmade Bean-to-Bar production
    • Weight: 70 g 
    • 85% cacao
    • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter and cane sugar
    • Allergies: Made in a bakery that uses dairy, gluten and nuts
    • Letterbox Friendly, Free Gift-Wrapping and Gift Card
  • The Pump Street Bakery is a family owned, small bakery based in Suffolk. Just like with baking bread and making pastry, the bakery produces all of its fantastic bean-to-bar chocolate in house. From roasting the beans to winnowing, counting and grinding them, the whole chocolate making process is carefully and scientifically completed by the chocolatiers to produce the award winning chocolate Postboxed is now proud to offer.
  • All items are send gift-wrapped with customisable gift cards as standard.  You can choose your delivery date on the shopping cart page and send multiple gifts to the same recipient. Please follow this link for further information regarding postage and packaging prices.

Type: Chocolate

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