Mystery Gift Boxes are back!

Mystery Gift Boxes are back!

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Returning just in time for the holiday season our Mystery Gift Boxes are back! If you are finding it difficult to choose or you just love surprises, these Gift Boxes are the answer to all of your questions! 

To celebrate their return we are offering 10% off all mystery gift boxes until the end of November 2019 using the following code when you check out:
mystery gift box
Each Mystery Gift Box contains items with combined prices higher than the price you pay - saving you both time and money. All items are gift-wrapped separately and placed in the same letterbox friendly box with a customised gift card free of charge.

Just choose your recipient and box size ranging from Small (£20) to Luxury (£90). If there are any allergies, dietary requirements or if you want to make a cheeky request, just let us know in the 'Notes to Postboxed' section when you checkout. 

For Kids' Gift Boxes please tell us the recipient's age and gender (unless you would like a gender neutral box) when checking out. 

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