Business and Corporate Services

With working from home or working remotely becoming the new normal, Postboxed offers a clear solution to employee or staff gifting. Our contactless delivery through the letterbox is not only perfect for quarantine and lockdown, but it also leaves no worry about the gift-recipients being at home to receive their gifts. Perfect for sending large numbers of gifts hassle-free!

    Which business services do we offer? 

    Sending out promotional material accompanied by small Postboxed gifts to corporate clients or employees.
    Sending gifts to celebrate employee or associate successes, company milestones, birthdays, Christmas or other religious holidays etc.
    Sending gifts accompanied by invites to events, awards or announcements
    Our services are tailored to each of our customers so get in touch for any other ideas! 

    We offer a fully flexible business letterbox gift service developed to make both sending and receiving gifts hassle-free. Our individual touches and flexibility make Postboxed attractive to companies wishing to send multiple gifts out to their employees, affiliates or clients.

    If you already know what you would like to order then fill in our order form (click to download) and email it to Alternatively, fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you.


    Companies we have worked with

     HIRED.COM Juice Plue Stiltz Home Lifts Darlington Business Services optima hoxby collective HE Space