Let a lucky gift-lover know that you are thinking about them with our Beauty & Self Care Gifts, delivered directly through letterboxes, beautifully wrapped and waiting on recipient's doormats! All of our self-care gifts are wrapped and posted through letterboxes with gift cards on a day of your choice. So buy online and post a Beauty and Self Care gift today! 


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Happy Gift Box
Wellness Notebook Set - Postboxed
Save £5.00
Riva Happiness Gift Set
Save £20.00
Bea Bag (Lilac) - Postboxed
Ania Bag (Black) - Postboxed
Ania Bag (Eggshell) - Postboxed
Bee Revival Kit (Gold) - Postboxed
Bee Revival Kit (Gold)
£10.99 £12.99
Save £2.00
Bamboo Bee Revival Kit (Anthracite) - Postboxed
Save £4.00
Brightening Face Mask - Postboxed
Save £0.96
Face Putty - Postboxed
Face Putty
£4.00 £4.96
Save £0.96
Foot Peel - Postboxed
Joma Jewellery a little Lucky Elephant Necklace
Save £2.00
Joma Jewellery A Little Be Kind Bracelet
Save £5.00
Spirit Animals In A Matchbox - Postboxed
Save £5.95
Hello Sunshine Mindfulness Gift In A Matchbox - Postboxed
Save £2.00
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Music Box - Postboxed
Save £2.00
Toadally Awesome Frog In A Matchbox - Postboxed
Save £1.00
Book of Hugs - Postboxed
Art of Calm Living - Postboxed
Cosmic Cocktails - Postboxed
Cosmic Cocktails
£4.00 £7.99
Save £3.99
Witches Spell Book - Postboxed
Witches Spell Book
£4.00 £5.99
Save £1.99
Compact Mirrors (Choose Design) - Postboxed
Save £2.00
Officially Quite A Good Dad Keyring - Postboxed
Save £8.50
Take Care Hoop Embroidery Kit - Postboxed
Save £8.95
Regency Guide To Modern Life - Postboxed
Save £5.99