10 Ways Why Shopping Online beats the High Street

Mar 12, 2017Liza Mirelman

Online presence is more impacting than our physical self, well that is exactly the same difference between your display picture and passport picture.

Shopping is a mandatory activity for all, some of us like it and others don’t. It is a general assumption that females cherish shopping more than males and men are known to be more tech savvy than women. The combination of the two is encompassed in ecommerce, with shopping online attracting both men and women in equal amounts.

Ecommerce has also broken the stereotype where females were the ones who always carried the badge of being the shopaholics. Most of the ecommerce portals have received grand welcome by customers who saved their time, transportation and energy by getting their stuff delivered in just a few clicks.

Online shopping, however, has affected our retail outlets drastically and now all brands are making their presence online. There are still many people who like to get the look and feel of the products before buying but we think online shopping will continue to rise in popularity as time goes on and these are out 10 reasons why we think shopping online is more convenient than shopping on the high street.

  1. Energy saver- Shopping online saves you from the pain of visiting multiple shops to get the best quality and price. You can be in your office, home or any other place, all you need is a good internet connection. While working on your important project or chit chatting with your friends, you can order groceries for your home or shop for your loved ones. Not just gifts, you can also order the way you want to gift like plain gift boxes, kraft gift boxes with lid or natural kraft gift boxes
  2. Unique ideas- There are multiple stores offering ideas that are completely free, which is not so common in our offline living. One can see the way they want to decorate their homes, wrap or box their gifts, put make up or cook a cuisine. Collating and implementing ideas is everyone’s cup of tea online.
  3. Easy comparison- Comparing product prices, features, discounts and offers is easier online. All you need is open web pages of your favourite brands and just in few clicks your shopping is complete.
  4. Time saver- Shopping online saves us from endless trip to super markets and malls. Not to forget the waste of time while waiting in queues for trial or billing. So completing your shopping errand online is a complete boon for our current age customers. This is especially true if you buy your gifts at Postboxed, we deliver everything through letterboxes so you do not need to worry about how you are going to have to receive your gifts.
  5. Shopkeepers’ convenience- Shopping online also makes things easier for the person selling you your products. Postboxed saves on the cost of a showroom, managers, electricity and maintenance. 
  6. Sending gifts is simpler- Postboxed gift-wraps everything free of charge with out handmade lotka paper. We also add gift cards! So you will save lots of time not having to make your gifts look presentable.  Very intelligently designed to cater to user’s complete gifting requirements. There are others who specialise in gift boxing ranges, like Carrier Bag Hut, specialising in packaging solutions and offering a refreshing range of kraft gift boxes.
  7. Double the career options- The evolution of online shopping has also maximised job opportunities and career options the young generation. Social media marketing and utilisation of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest for commercial purpose has given an entirely new definition to our regular marketing. This is even more engaging for young people, as they have spend a lot of their time using these applications.
  8. Higher Discounts- Discount rates are higher online. Online business, marketing and shopping are yet in the early phase and thus many online portals offer discounts and run various offers to attract more users.
  9. Express Shipping- There many of us who are not sure about their shopping until last minute. For those availability of express shipping is certainly a boon. They can make the purchase last minute yet have it delivered on time by selecting the express shipping option. This might be a little more expensive but it is perfect for confused shoppers. Otherwise shipping time is also one of the factors that discourage many people from shopping online. Now the option of express shipping has attracted many hesitant users. 
  10. Lower rate of impulsive shopping- Isn’t it often that you visit a supermarket to buy one thing and come out with ten?  Well this happens with almost everyone. We get attracted to things that we don't even need and yet in an impulsive moment tend to buy it. However, this is a rare occurrence while online shopping. People open websites and most of the time surf directly to the header under which they make their purchase.

Postboxed makes it easier than ever to shop online. We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal. We also gift-wrap everything and supply free, customisable gift cards. We have free 1st Class delivery for all purchases over £25 and, most importantly, everything we send is delivered directly through letterboxes - for hassle-free gifting! 

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