Wellness Notebook Set

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Perfect for anyone who loves to journal, this set of 3 stylish notebooks are perfect for jotting down your thoughts and feelings. Each of these pocket notebooks contains pages with sections for you to journal each day. The covers feature shimmering gold text and a stylish background which splits between a textured cream top and a block colour.

This stylish set of notebooks make a brilliant gift idea for anyone, perfect for Christmas, a special occasion or a birthday. A lovely letterbox friendly stationary gift!

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    Further Gift Details

    ‘Reflection’ notebook is designed for you to Reflect on your day. Each page is divided into 4 sections; motivation, a lesson learned, self affirmations and something that makes you wonder. Each section features space beneath the title for you to fill in. There is also space across the top of each page ‘today’ with space for you to write the date.

    ‘Goals’ notebook is designed for you to look to plan and set goals. Each page is divided into sections with headings; top priorities, goals, tasks and if there’s time. There is even space for you to write the date at the top, along with your mood and a tracker for how many glasses of water you’ve consumed.

    ‘Gratitude’ notebook is designed for you to practice being thankful for the day. Each page is divided into 4 sections; daily gratitude, highlight of the day, something that made you smile and thoughts. There is also space at the top for you to write the date and the phrase ‘embrace the good written across the bottom.

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