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You The Man Novelty Stationary Kit

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The perfect token gift for the man who has everything.

This tiny matchbox is packed with useful little items and helpful life hacks. You'll never be at a loss if your glasses break or your tool is blunt. Dirty computer ports? No problem. Need to bust into a particularly stubborn fast food sauce packet? Packet busted. Life changing decision to make? Solved in seconds.We have taken the top 7 items to be found in a Man Drawer, and reinvented them to create a mini Man Drawer that can be carried around in your pocket.

It includes a Lucky sixpence which can be used as a tyre tread tester, paperclips you can substitute for a mini screwdriver, toothpicks which double up as tools to clean your keyboard, a birthday candle for emergency lubricant for a stuck zipper or lock, sticky tack aka a portable stress ball, and an emery board to sharpen your penknife.With full instructions (no Man Drawer is complete without them), and a handy ruler printed on the side of the box, all those irritating day to day problems disappear when you have You The Man in a matchbox at the ready.

You The Man, is the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

Bringing back the art of giving, two mums from Essex took their attention to the smallest details to a new level by creating this range of small matchbox gifts right here in the UK for Marvling Bros. 

- Matchbox size: 55 x 36 x 16 mm

- Contents: A sixpence, 3 paperclips, 2 toothpicks, A birthday candle, An emery board, White sticky tac, Full instructions

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