Postboxed Gift Boxes

Official Harry Potter Wizarding Treats


This fantastic gift box contains official gifts from the Harry potter series including the following:

Harry Potter Chocolate Frog
Harry Potter Butterbeer Chocolate Bar
Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
Harry Potter Pin Badge (golden snitch)
Hogwarts Express Chocolate Ticket
Gryffindor Pocket Notebooks

    A lovely letterbox friendly gift for a Harry potter fan!

    All items are gift-wrapped and packaged in the same letterbox-friendly box with our signature customisable gift card. See below for further information.

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      Further Gift Box Details

      Harry Potter Chocolate Frog: This exciting snack from Harry Potter is designed to replicate the chocolate frogs eaten by the characters, each of our Chocolate Frogs also features a surprise Wizard collectors holographic card. Collect all 11 in total! Unfortunately these frogs won't actually jump but they are tasty, with rice crisps engulfed in milk chocolate.

      Harry Potter Pin Badge (golden snitch): Pin to clothes, bags, hats or just add to a collection, these pins have gold plated alloy with enamelling detail and come on official Harry Potter branded packaging.

      Harry Potter Butterbeer Chocolate Bar: Harry Potter™ Butterbeer cream flavour Milk Chocolate Bar (Alcohol Free). Introducing a wonderfully crafted milk chocolate bar with a delicious creamy Butterbeer flavour filling. Detailed barrel-shape formed on each of the six squares.

      Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans: These exciting every flavour beans from Harry Potter is the perfect treat for any lucky Harry Potter Fan. Produced By Jelly Belly, this assortment of beans features the actual flavours described in the Harry Potter series - including the vomit and earwax flavours!

      Hogwarts Express Chocolate Ticket: This milk chocolate with puffed rice treat is designed to replicate the ticket used to get Harry access to platform nine and three quarters and the Hogwarts Express.

      Gryffindor Pocket Notebooks: Show your Gryffindor house pride with this handy pocket notebook collection featuring graphics based on the epic Harry Potter films. Featuring three unique designs, this colourful set of pocket notebooks celebrates the bravest house at Hogwarts with one ruled, one blank, and one grid-lined notebook, perfect for all your note-taking needs.