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Foodie Gift Box

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For food and drink enthusiasts we have put together this special gift box containing the following individually wrapped letterbox friendly items:

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
Stuart Gardiner Breads of the World Tea Towel
Marvling Bros Hot Stuff in a Matchbox
Arthouse Unlimited I Am Disco Ruby Chocolate

All items are gift-wrapped and packaged in the same letterbox-friendly box with our signature customisable gift card. See below for further information.

Shipping - UK P&P free for orders over £50 (£4.95 otherwise).All gifts are delivered gift-wrapped with gift cards.Letterbox Friendly DeliveryYou can choose a delivery date on the shopping cart page.You can send multiple gifts to the same recipient in the same purchase

Further Gift Box Details

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans: These exciting every flavour beans from Harry Potter is the perfect treat for any lucky Harry Potter Fan. Produced By Jelly Belly, this assortment of beans features the actual flavours described in the Harry Potter series - including the vomit and earwax flavours!

Stuart Gardiner Breads of the World Tea Towel: First produced over 10,000 years ago, bread has become the staple food for most of the world. With only three basic ingredients, bread is a prime example of how regional & cultural variations can influence a basic foodstuff. Made in the UK, this illustrated tea towel offers a much-kneaded guide to nearly 50 shades of grain, detailing the ingredients, origins & baking methods that go into our daily bread.

Marvling Bros Hot Stuff in a Matchbox: Experiment with the four hottest chilli powders in the world with this foodie's dream (or nightmare) gift. This standard size matchbox contains Scorpion Moruga (2,000,000 SHU) chilli powder (the current World Champion), Scorpion Butch T (1,500,000 SHU) chilli powder, 7 Pot (1,300,000 SHU) chilli powder, Ghost (1,000,000 SHU) (Naga Bhut Jolokia) chilli powder, 4 Chilli fact cards and 1 Matchbox Collector's card.

Arthouse Unlimited I Am Disco Ruby Chocolate: Each design for these handmade in the UK chocolate bars has been created from an original painting by an artist or artists with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities. The astonishing artwork, I am Disco, is a vibrant collaborative piece featuring paintings from three Arthouse Unlimited artists. The chocolate within is a unique taste sensation. It is characterised by a slightly sweet and sour taste which is comparable to the fruity flavour of berries. The visual delight of the ruby chocolate derives from the ruby cocoa bean with no added colours or flavours. This chocolate is made with ethically sourced, sustainable cocoa and is part of the Cacao-Trace sourcing programme. 100% of sales revenue that Arthouse Unlimited receives is used to sustain the enterprise, enabling it to expand and evolve.