Best Gifts For Students Going To University

Sep 01, 2017Liza Mirelman

Is someone close to you going off to University for the first time this year? It’s an exciting time for them, so they deserve an exciting going away gift. As we are sure they’ve got enough pots and pans to shake a stick at. They would enjoy something a little different. Something to make them think of home. Or a little something to make their student days go smoother. Which is why we have put together a guide of the best gifts for students going to University. 

6 Top Gifts For Students Going To University

 Away To University Gift Box

This box of stationery delights, compliment each other, to make the perfect gift for University students. These gifts will help keep them organised and motivated… especially the notebook, which we love!

BFF Gift Box

 Is your BFF going to a different University to you? Why not send them a little surprise in the post! Our BFF Gift Box includes a BFF canvas bag and Infinity Friendship bracelet they won’t want to take off.

BFF Gift Box

You Are A Star Gift Box 

This gift box will help students to fuel their late night study sessions. With delicious Pump Street Chocolate to pump up their energy levels. Plus some motivation in the form of a canvas bag! Because everyone is a star.

You are a star gift box

Monster Hug In A Matchbox

Send them a hug in a matchbox when they are struggling with student life for less than £5. Or if they are feeling home sick! It’s the perfect care package, for your loved one, who has a fantastic sense of humour.

Monster hug in a matchbox

Caran D’ache Paul Smith Pens

Stop the excuses for not taking any notes in lectures with one of these pens. I grant you it’s not an obvious gift for students these days. But a good pen leaves a good impression. Which can come in handy in internship interviews.

Paul Smith Pen Box

Monkey Business Pocket Notebook

A notebook is a perfect gift for students. With all those notes they will be taking. They will need as many as they can get. So why not give them one that is fun?!

Monkey Business Pocket Notebook

We hope these gifts have given you some inspiration! All of our gifts are letterbox friendly and come gift-wrapped with customisable gift cards. Which makes them perfect for sending a surprise treat during the first weeks of University! 

Written by Heather Scott-Pitts from

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