Peachey Boo

Sep 27, 2016Liza Mirelman

Postboxed is celebrating Great British Baking with our newest baby brand Peachey Boo

Designed and made in Britain, Peachey Boo have created a line of 100% cotton baby and toddler gifts that are truly unique. Using the best materials available, each item is bright, super-soft and machine washable. Gifts that are both fun and practical, with some bibs even featuring recipes for popular baked goods.

Postboxed is offering 20% off all of Peachey Boo's beautiful baby gifts and accessories, including our fantastic gift boxes. As with all of Postboxed's small gifts, each item is individually gift-wrapped and delivered in gift boxes directly through letterboxes. You can choose when and where you would like your gift delivered and can even pre-order your Christmas presents now!

Just go to the Peachey Boo page to see the full selection of gifts. 

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