Postboxed Gift Boxes

Birthday Gift Box For Kids Aged 8+ (Choose Size)


Send something special this year with our Kid's Birthday Box containing the following individually wrapped gifts, delivered through any lucky gift-lover's letterbox. Choose from small (4 gifts), medium (6 gifts) or large (7 gifts):


Beevive Bee Revival Kit (Gold)
Katie Loxton Adventure Awaits Notebook
Marvling Bros Happy Birthday In A Matchbox Music Box
Rex London Wild Wonders Stick Notes Set

MEDIUM - small +

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
Clockwork Soldier Remarkable Ring Chamber Illusion

LARGE medium +

Bare Kind Save the Penguins Kids' Socks (UK size 12-3, aged 9-12)


Items are gift-wrapped and packaged in the same letterbox-friendly box with our signature customisable gift card. See links to products below for further information.

The perfect gift for children aged 8+.

Shipping - UK P&P free for orders over £50 (£4.95 otherwise).All gifts are delivered gift-wrapped with gift cards.Letterbox Friendly DeliveryYou can choose a delivery date on the shopping cart page.You can send multiple gifts to the same recipient in the same purchase

Further Gift Box Details

Beevive Bee Revival Kit (Gold): The Original Bee Revival Kit is a groundbreaking product designed to provide assistance to exhausted or injured bees. Developed by Beevive, a leading innovator in beekeeping solutions, this kit offers a simple and effective way to support the well-being of these remarkable creatures. Made in the UK, each kit includes an exclusive formula of Beevive Revival Solution, which provides vital nutrients and hydration to revive tired bees (5+ uses and refillable). Also included is a specialised Bee Feeder, allowing the Revival Solution to be given directly to bees. The feeder is designed to be gentle and non-invasive, providing a safe and controlled environment for administering the solution.

Rex London Wild Wonders Sticky Notes: Get organised with these fun sets of 360 sticky paper notes in assorted sizes and covered in adorable characters. Can be used as memo pads for to-do lists or as cute bookmarks.

Katie Loxton Adventure Awaits Notebook: Ensure a lucky gift-lover jots down their to-do list in the chicest way possible with this padded notebook embossed with the words Adventure Awaits

Marvling Bros Happy Birthday Music Box in a Matchbox: Celebrate a birthday in style with a magical gift that transforms a matchbox into a fully functioning music box. This unique matchbox kit contains a miniature music box movement that plays the traditional tune ‘Happy Birthday To You'. On the back of the matchbox are the traditional lyrics including a surprise, relatively unknown second verse.

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans: These exciting every flavour beans from Harry Potter is the perfect treat for any lucky Harry Potter Fan. Produced By Jelly Belly, this assortment of beans features the actual flavours described in the Harry Potter series - including the vomit and earwax flavours!

Clockwork Soldier Remarkable Ring Magic Trick: Clockwork Soldier and the world-renowned MAGIC LAB are bridging the gap between craft, magic and science. Easy-to-build kits that delve deep into the science and psychology behind the magic. Amaze your friends with an original performance, created by professional magicians. Astound your friends and family with this amazing illusion! Put the ring into the magical chamber and watch it pass instantly through a solid bar. Plastic-free for a happier planet and no glue or scissors needed.

Bare Kind Save the Penguins Kids' Socks (size 12-3, ages 9-12): These socks help save endangered animals! 10% of Bare Kind's profits from the purchase of these socks will be donated the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. All packaging is completely plastic-free, and 100% recyclable.