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For food and drink enthusiasts we have put together this special discounted gift box containing the following individually wrapped letterbox friendly items:

Real Wine Gums (Chardonnay): How often do you long for that first sip of wine after a hard day's work? If you want all of this but without the alcohol then look no further than these fantastic wine gums. Suitable for vegetarians, they are also gluten, fat, nut, gelatin, and lactose free and contain no artificial colours. Once you eat these Chardonnay wine gums, you know you have something totally new in hands! The bite is soft with a mildly acidic and sweet-sour aftertaste. 

Stuart Gardiner Breads of the World Tea Towel: First produced over 10,000 years ago, bread has become the staple food for most of the world. With only three basic ingredients, bread is a prime example of how regional & cultural variations can influence a basic foodstuff. Made in the UK, this illustrated tea towel offers a much-kneaded guide to nearly 50 shades of grain, detailing the ingredients, origins & baking methods that go into our daily bread.

Marvling Bros Hot Stuff in a Matchbox: Experiment with the four hottest chilli powders in the world with this foodie's dream (or nightmare) gift. This standard size matchbox contains Scorpion Moruga (2,000,000 SHU) chilli powder (the current World Champion), Scorpion Butch T (1,500,000 SHU) chilli powder, 7 Pot (1,300,000 SHU) chilli powder, Ghost (1,000,000 SHU) (Naga Bhut Jolokia) chilli powder, 4 Chilli fact cards and 1 Matchbox Collector's card.

Arthouse Bee Free Dark Chocolate With Honeycomb: Arthouse is a charity where artists with complex epilepsy and .earning disabilities create artwork. This beautifully busy scene has been composed from the work of several artists, set in deep radiant yellow and wrapped around a dark chocolate bar with delicious honeycomb pieces. Handcrafted in the UK using cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, this is an indulgent treat for the taste buds. 100% of revenue that Arthouse receives is used to sustain the enterprise, enabling it to expand and evolve

All items are Delivered free of charge, gift-wrapped and packaged in the same letterbox-friendly box with our signature customisable gift card. 

  • All of Postboxed's Gift boxes combine items from various brands at a discounted price. Please see our Brands' Page for further information on each individual brand.

  • All items are send gift-wrapped with customisable gift cards as standard.  You can choose your delivery date on the shopping cart page and send multiple gifts to the same recipient. Please follow this link for further information regarding postage and packaging prices.

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