A world of creativity that doesn’t cost the earth

Playpress was created to help children create new stories with toys that were affordable and eco-friendly. Their love of creativity and ingenuity is what gets the team at PlayPress up every day and as a family-owned business, care and quality really matters.

Playpress is about exploring new possibilities. They take care to make toys inclusive. They’re designed to let children play creatively while helping them develop key motor and cognitive reasoning skills.

Sustainably Sourced Board - The fibres for the playboards are bleach- free and sourced from sustainably managed forests in Finland.

Plant-based inks - Food safe water-based inks and glue that are vegan, biodegradable and ocean friendly are used.

Recyclable - Materials that are fully recyclable, 100% biodegradable, whilst also being robust for play are used.

Locally made -The toys conform to European standards and are locally manufactured in the UK to minimise air miles.


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Mini Playsets (Vet/ Cafe/ Museum) - Postboxed
Mini Playsets (Cafe/ Museum)
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RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Playset - Postboxed
Rescue Team Playset - Postboxed
Rescue Team Playset
£4.00 £6.99
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Space Ranger Playset - Postboxed
Space Ranger Playset
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RSPB Woodland Birds Playset - Postboxed
Talent Show Playset - Postboxed
Talent Show Playset
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Ancient Egypt Playset - Postboxed
Ancient Egypt Playset